Amista & Alcopa


Extract and combine data of different operational sources and load into SAP CRM system


08/2014 - 08/2015


SAP BODS architect, expert and team lead; ETL developer


BODS, SQL, SAP HANA, ETL, Data cleansing, matching and deduplication, Information Steward, IDocs, SAP CRM, MDM


In this challenging project, the goal was building a unified view of the customer in SAP CRM based on the data of various (10+) operational sources without a  common key. Based on this unified customer view, my client was able to run different marketing segmentations.  Since the different operational sources change on a daily basis, I’ve designed a daily delta mechanism for each of the sources based on a common ETL framework. This involved the design of state-of-the-art data cleansing, matching and deduplication based on various  criteria (name, address, car chassis number). The system even kept track of old customer addresses for the matching and deduplication.
Upon request of the customer, I’ve also developed a mechanism that allowed for changes of the data in the target system (= SAP CRM) and let it flow back to BODS and even the source system in some cases.
This project has been rolled out for different countries: Belgium, Luxembourg and   Switzerland. I had team members in India, Romania and Belgium

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