Various Enterprise Content Management (ECM) projects


2007 - 2010


Alfresco expert & Enterprise Content Management (ECM) consultant


Alfresco, Documentum, Stellent, Tomcat, Eclipse, JBoss, Java, Javascript, Lucene,   JIRA, XML, XSLT


At Amplexor, I realised many different enterprise content management (ECM) projects for many different customers. Most of the projects were in the area of document management (DM) and archiving. I also touched many other areas of ECM such as workflow, search, scanning, records management, digital asset management, etc.
At the start of my first big DM project I only acted as the junior assistant. However, since I am a fast learner, I quickly was involved in most aspects of the project, including functional and technical analysis and design, implementation, training, testing, roll out and support. During this project, I grew to a senior profile and I became responsible for my own DM projects afterwards.
I became the Alfresco team lead and took the initiative to start our own Alfresco knowledge base and organised the regular Alfresco team meetings in order to spread the knowledge across the Alfresco consultants of Amplexor.
Apart from knowledge about Alfresco, I’ve also built up a lot of knowledge on ECM best practices. Therefor, I also became part of the Amplexor ECM consultancy team and I was even selected to take part in the Amplexor workgroup on ECM best practices. During all this time at Amplexor, I was active in pre-sales for Alfresco: designing and architecting solutions, estimating the effort and presenting it to the customer.
At Amplexor, I also was involved in some internal projects on our bug tracking system (JIRA). My input was highly appreciated and I surprised people not only with how fast I managed to create a suitable solution, but also with the flexibility and the quality of it.

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