Datalumen & Colruyt Group


Business Process Analyst for the Party project


10/2015 - 10/2017


Data modeller; business analyst; concept creation


MEGA; Neo4J; Graph databases; GraphML; Cypher; Informatica


The party project is a strategic project within Colruyt Group that allows business to easily cross typical domain boundaries like customer, supplier, coworker, etc.


In this part of the project, I was responsible for defining the party concept - what is a party -, finding out how the Party domain relates to the other domains within Colruyt Group and defining the services that the Party domain would offer to the other domains.
I created Subject Area Models, all kinds of information models and the supporting business glossary. Finally, I spread ‘the Party word’ within Colruyt Group with a roadshow, convincing other domains and business units for the need of a Party implementation.


Once the need was acknowledged, I started the realisation a Party proof of concept consolidating all the customers, suppliers, contact persons, etc in one single database (Neo4J). The proof of concept has multiple goals: proving the immense added value of a Party implementation to the business, learning for the final Party implementation and learning/improving the data quality of the different source systems.


As the BPA, I am responsible for gathering the available information from the different domains, finding out the (business) rules for cleansing, matching and deduplication, designing the data model in the graph database and developing the business cases to convince the business with.

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